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Personal Health Panels

The comprehensive menu of tests and services Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory has to offer.

Wound Care Panel

Wound care panel identifies polymicrobial infections scanning common organisms that cause infections of the wound.


Sexual Transmitted Infections

Our Sexual transmitted infections panel provides detection for specification and dfferentiation of STD's.


Molecular UTI/Antibiotic

This test identifies polymicrobial infections scanning the most common organisms causing UTIs and their antibiotic components.


Toxicology / Full Pathology Services

Our Toxicology service is a comprehensive report for drug screening. We also run various pathology services.

Genetic Testing Panels

Hereditary Pulmonological Diseases

Genetic testing that identifies DNA variations that may increase the risk of hereditary pulmonary diseases.

Health Diseases

Genetic testing for cardiovascular health provides genetic predispositions that contribute to various cardiovascular conditions.

Primary Immunodeficiency

Our primary immunodeficiency genetic test panel suits individuals with a history of frequent infections, fevers, or rashes.

DNA Testing

An oral swab test in some cases used to determine ancestry, and others to discover health insights.


46 Gene Panel

A genetic test that can help identify genetic variants associated with an increased risk for thyroid cancer.


Genomics Panel

Cancer genomics is a test used to identify the specific genetic mutations that drive cancer growth.



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Genetic Testing

DNA Testing

Get everything you need in one place
Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory strives to give the most updated and accurate DNA testing and results possible.

ADL will mail out a test kit that has everything you need including simple instructions on how to collect and return the sample back to our laboratory.

This process begins with taking a DNA sample swab from inside the mouth. Once that sample swab is collected, you would then simply follow the instructions provided inside the sample kit and return it to the laboratory for processing.
(Prepaid postage packaging will be provided.)

Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory will strive to provide you with the results of you test as soon as possible.
In most cases, Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory will have your results returned to you within 45 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my results?
ADL provides results within one day to two weeks from receipt of test order from an authorized medical provider, patient information and sample. Some exceptions may occur where the results may take a bit longer.
What is genetic testing?
Genetic testing is a medical test that examines your DNA to identify any changes or mutations that may be associated with a specific disease or condition. DNA is the genetic material that contains the instructions for the development, growth, and function of all living organisms. Genetic testing can provide information about inherited diseases or conditions, predispositions to certain diseases, and the likelihood of passing condition onto your children.
What are the benefis of genetic testing?
Genetic testing results can guide healthcare providers in tailoring treatment approaches to individual patients. By understanding a patient’s genetic profile, healthcare providers can identify specific genetic markers or mutations that may influence treatment responses and select the most effective therapies accordingly.
Why is genetic testing significant?
Genetic testing can provide valuable information that can help you and your healthcare provider make decisions about your health. It can help to diagnose genetic diseases, determine the risk of developing a disease, inform reproductive decisions or personalize treatment plans.
What is Cancer Genomics Testing?
Cancer Genomics testing is a type of diagnostic testing that uses genetic sequencing technology to identify the specific genetic mutations that drive cancer growth.
What are Pharmacogenetics?
Pharmacogenetics is the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drug therapy.
What causes primary immunodeficiency?
Primary Immunodeficiency is caused by pathogenic variants in genes that help develop the immune-system and keep it working.
Why do we provide genetic testing for cardiovascular health?
Genetic testing enables the identification of specific genes and genetic variants associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. By assessing an individual’s genetic profile, healthcare professionals can estimate thier susceptibility to certain conditions, empowering them to initiate proactive interventions and implememt targeted preventive measures.
Do you need a physician to order test from our website?
As a patient, you are allowed to order your test without a physician’s order; in the event you want to submit your test through insurance, the test has to be ordered by the physician of your choice.